RPD Innovations is the national center for transnational R&D in Saudi Arabia. Aligned with the Kingdom’s national initiatives to build a knowledge-based economy, RPD Innovations purpose is to build technology innovation and commercialization capacity, bridging the gap between research outcomes and successful industries. Strategically sponsored by the Saudi Arabia Advanced Research Alliance (SAARA), RPD Innovations is the commercialization engine of SAARA, focused on accelerating technology commercialization through advanced technical development and business planning to create investment-ready opportunities geared for economic impact.

Our aim is to promote the development and best use of human talent in a dynamic and challenging environment, free from all forms of discrimination. Our employees are the key to our organization’s success, and in turn contribute to cultivating the innovation ecosystem in Saudi Arabia. We create an atmosphere within the organization that allows all employees to have an opportunity to learn, grow and feel a genuine sense of accomplishment. At no time will we knowingly permit discrimination towards an employee because of age, sex, race, color, religion, origin or any other unlawful reason.

 Job openings are available for:
*Updated 6 August 2015

Commercialization Manager
Electrical Engineer
Polymer Chemist
Materials Scientist

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